The Who In What I Wear

Hello! My name is Tishell and I am the owner, operator, and model of What I Wear Boutique! Welcome to my store. If it’s your first time, I am so happy to meet you and if you are returning, it’s good to see you again. 

I am and have always had a passion for fashion. Let’s face it, style is transformative. When you wear clothes you love, you feel more beautiful, powerful, and confident. So I decided early on to give my wardrobe the same thoughtfulness and care I give to every other part of my life. My attention to what I wear has often earned me the complement of other fashionistas asking, “Where did you get that?”. In time, I decided to mix my love of clothes with my passion for entrepreneurship and created What I Wear Boutique. 

What I Wear is a carefully curated rotating collection based on trends, staples, and statement items that I would wear. It’s a collection based on style, empowerment, feeling sexy, and having fun. My greatest goal is to recognize how special you are and celebrate you by becoming a part of your style journey… and when they ask you what you are wearing. Just send them my way.